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  • Patented fan technology for maximum cool and clean air circulation
  • Highest pollen removal rate of any fan in the market
  • Thoughtful Swedish design features

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Quick relief is key for pollen sufferers, estimated to make up 40% of the world’s population. As a result, Swedish air purification expert Blueair today launched Blue Pure Fan, the first fan designed for instant allergy relief.

Climate change with its longer, warmer and particularly drier summers, have a negative effect on the air quality in our homes with pollen and dust levels peaking during the warmer months of the year. Due to climate change, the pollen season has also become longer and more intense. Air pollution, known to exacerbate the effects of seasonal allergies is also on the rise globally, so our new Blue Pure Fan is a truly consumer insight driven innovation.

Maximum cool and clean air

Blue Pure Fan uses a patented air circulation technology spreading cool and clean, purified, air in a 90-degree angle. This unique fan technology offers maximum cooling effect while at the same time quickly filling your room with maximum clean air.

Highest pollen removal of any fan in the market

Thanks to a combination of pre-filters and main filters, Blue Pure Fan is third-party tested with a pollen removal rate of 180 cubic feet per minute – therefore quickly providing pollen relief to allergy sufferers.

Instant dust and pet dander allergy relief

The combination of pre-filters and main filters quickly and effectively removing airborne particles, also ensures that the Blue Pure Fan provides instant allergy relief against dust and pet dander, the two most common allergens after pollen.

Colour your home

Thanks to the range of five unique pre-filter colors; Diva Blue, Crystal Pink, Buff Yellow, Dark Shadow and Lunar Rock, you can personalize the Blue Pure Fan and make it fit perfectly into any room in your home.


Thoughtful Scandinavian design

Designed in Sweden, Blue Pure Fan combines the unique Scandinavian design elements of function and aesthetics. Thoughtful design features include easy to carry handle, unique legs and one-button control with filter replacement indicator.

Measurement : 38cm(H) x 33cm(W) x 28cm(D) Weight : 5.30 kg

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