DAFNI muse ™  



Curl With Confidence

Got tired  (and angry) of getting burned by curling irons?  Possibly the biggest problem with current curling tools is how unsafe they are. Exposed burning-hot barrels, that the user is meant to wrap her hair around, are an immediate danger to the user. Using the DAFNI technology, with inner anti-static bristles that maintain a distance between the ceramic surface and the scalp, plus the outer bristles that prevent the fingers from touching the ceramic surface, bring a whole new world of possibilities to curl hair completely care-free.


Lasting Results

Fixate the result with the DAFNI STYLE & SEAL design. DAFNI muse is especially designed to have the hair heat up in the ceramic surface, and then immediately cool on the back part of the brush. This STYLE & SEAL design allows to lock in the wanted result, as the hair is being transformed in heat, yet the result is fixated when cooled.


Healthier For Your Hair

Optimal temperature, minimal heat exposure. DAFNI muse has a temperature of 185 degrees Celsius- optimal for all hair types, while not using any unnecessary excessive heat. The intelligent DAFNI heat mechanism maintains this temperature constant throughout the entire use of the product. In contrast to curling irons, where the hair is wrapped around a hot barrel and stays on it, with DAFNI muse hair is always on the move while in ceramic surface, and then cools on the handle. This means that heat exposure is at the very minimum.


Easy to Use

Goodbye burning barrels that make you calculate every finger movement. DAFNI muse allows you to use a curling tool easily and comfortably. You can get creative and play freely with DAFNI muse, without having to calculate every finger movement or the tool’s distance from your scalp.


Endless Styles

From wavy to curly, with or without volume, and everything in between. DAFNI muse applies the DAFNI technology to a tool that offers a wide range of looks. Use your DAFNI muse in different ways to achieve a variety of results- whether those are beach waves that you’re after, or the trendy combination of straight and curly- it can all be achieved with DAFNI muse.


Short Hair

Making the DAFNI magic accessible for shorter hair. DAFNI muse has an especially thin ceramic surface, that can reach every bit of hair- whether those are “baby hairs” that need special care, women with shorter hair or men- DAFNI muse is up for the challenge. DAFNI muse makes the DAFNI innovation accessible and relevant for more target audiences than ever before.


Weight: Approximately 350g *
Size including cord part : Approx. W60 x D50 x H250mm
Power supply: AC 100V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption: 45W
Cord length: Approximately 1.9 M
Set temperature: 185 ℃