Blue 3610 Pre-Filter


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Measurement : 57.5 cm x 33.0 cm x 5.0 cm

Weight : 0.85 kg

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The fabric pre-filter extends the life of the primary filter, catching large airborne particles such as dust, lint, pollen, and pet hair. A hidden compartment in the fabric keeps the power cord hidden out of sight, and they’re colorful — with different options to complement your space.

Up to 5 Scandinavian-inspired colors let you add a splash of color or a shade to compliment your space:

  • Artic Trail (gray)
  • Night Waves (navy)
  • Aurora Light (green)
  • Archipelago Sand (pink)
  • Winter Reed (light gray)

This pre-filter is designed to be compatible with the Blue 3610.

Cleans easily with a vacuum For quick cleaning, use the brush attachment on your vacuum to clean the exterior of the fabric pre-filter of visible dust and dirt between washes.

Reusable, machine washable When the pre-filter requires a deeper clean, wash on a gentle, low-temperature cycle in a washing machine. Hang to dry.

Filter type Fabric pre-filter 100% polyester, Stretch panel 94% polyamide 6% spandex.

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Archipelago Sand, Artic Trail, Aurora Light, Night Waves, Winter Reed

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