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Balmuda The Toaster is a steam-driven toaster that uses revolutionary technology to create the perfect toast. The toaster is equipped with five different modes, each designed to create the perfect toast, no matter what type of bread you use.

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Flavor, aroma, texture

BALMUDA The Toaster uses steam technology and precise temperature control to enhance the three essential elements of any culinary delight. It features four distinct steam-driven modes and a Classic Mode.

Revolutionary technology

What makes BALMUDA The Toaster unique is the five cc of water poured in at the beginning of each toast. Heating more rapidly than air, the steam locks in the bread’s inner moisture before the surface is given a golden brown finish. This process draws out the delicious aroma and flavor unlike any other.

Precise temperature regulation

Second-by-second control of three temperature zones creates superb contrasts of flavor and texture: a crisp and savory outside with a moist and fluffy inside.

Product Specifications

Unit dimensions W 357 mm × D 321 mm × H 209 mm
Inside dimensions W 275 mm x D 224 mm x H 178 mm
Unit weight Approx. 4.3 kg
Power supply AC 220-240V    50-60 Hz
Rated power consumption 1420 W
Length of power cord Approx. 1 m
Colors Black
Purpose Indoor household use

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